Travelers or Agents Information

Credit Card Authorization

PLEASE  print and fill in your information and send as PDF file to email:

A copy of the client’s credit card must be included in the PDF file.


• Name of Cardholder : _________________________________
• Billing Address:

• City State/Province: Postal Code: _______________________
• Telephone #: _______________________________________
• Amount to Charge: $ ________________________________
• Credit Card No:_________________________________ Exp. Date: _________
• (CID) located on back of card or front : ________________________________

Cardholder’s Signature: ______________________________________________

The signature above authorizes Carieliin Transportation Service to have Credit Card Authorization.

A Non‐Refundable 4% service fee will be added to the total amount charged.
By signing above you have agreed to all terms, cancellation fees, rules, and
service fees.