French & Italian Riviera & Rome & Vatican

French & Italian Riviera & Rome & Vatican

June 2023

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French & Italian Riviera & Rome & Vatican

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Day 1


Arrive in Rome and transport to hotel where our group meets at 3pm. We’ll have a meet & greet to get acquainted and discuss the itineray. Then we can explore Rome at our own pace or just rest until our welcome dinner is served in the hotel restaurant.  We’ll enjoy getting to know each other as we embark on an exciting adventure together.

Rome is the capital of Italy and also of the Province of Rome and of the region of Lazio.  Vatican City is an independent country within the city boundaries of Rome, the only existing example of a country within a city: for this reason Rome has been often defined as capital of two states.

Day 2

The Vatican

After breakfast, our tour starts with Vatican City, a city-state surrounded by Rome, Italy, is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. It’s home to the Pope and a trove of iconic art and architecture. The St. Peters Basilica houses ancient Roman sculptures such as the famed Michelangelo’s “Pieta” and a Renaissance frescoes is displayed on the ceiling as well as on the ceiling in the Raphael Rooms.  and the Sistine Chapel is famous for Michelangelo’s ceiling.

The Sistine Chapel


Pieta - St Peter Basilica
Pieta – St Peter Basilica
St Peters Basilica - Vatican
St Peters Basilica – Vatican

St Peters Basilica - Vatican

St Peters Basilica - Vatican

We’ll have a photo ops:


Colleseum - Rome
Colleseum – Rome

The Colosseum is an oval amphitheatre where Gladiatorial spectacles were held in the sixth century. It’s located in the centre of the city of Rome, Italy, just east of the Roman Forum. It is the largest ancient amphitheatre ever built, and is still the largest standing amphitheatre in the world today, despite its age. 

Roman Pantheon

File:Panthéon, Rome.jpg

The Roman Pantheon is the most preserved and influential building of ancient Rome. It is a Roman temple dedicated to all the gods of pagan Rome. As the brick stamps on the side of the building reveal it was built and dedicated between A.D 118 and 125.


Capitoline Hill

Capitoline Hill1
Capitoline Hill

Day 3

Viareggio – Italian Riviera Home Base

We travel to Viareggio, our Italian Riviera home base. 

Viareggio is a coastal city and comune in northern Tuscany, Italy. With a population of over 62,000, it is the second largest city within the province of Lucca, after Lucca. Viareggio is known for its Carnival. La Cittadella is a complex housing the Carnival Museum, with small reproductions of the city’s allegorical floats. The Villa Paolina Civic Museums include a museum of musical instruments and an archaeological museum. 

The “Viareggio Boardwalk”, is home to numerous boutiques and prestigious brand-name shops boasting the best in Italian, European and international fashion, which attract locals and tourists alike, even from distant cities, to spend a day in Viareggio shopping or relaxing in the sun. 

A number of high-end bars and restaurants boast magnificent views of the sea and are perfect for when you need to get out of the sun. For those who prefer to grab a quick bite to eat, there are many eateries along the street that offer a range of alternatives to accommodate all types of requirements. In addition to the shops and restaurants, a number of artisanal gelateria offer a vast assortment of flavors from the traditional to the more original.  

In the evening, we’ll have dinner and celebrate our embarking on an exciting adventure together. 

Day 4

Tour Cinque Terre

Monterosso beach 

Continue your journey through Cinque Terre’s Monterosso, where you’ll visit a traditional Monterosso shop and enjoy a limoncino tasting, the local lemony liquor that is popular in the region. Use your leisure time to explore the village and take pictures of the panoramic views of the skyline, architecture, and statutes, including the statue of St. Francis.

Monterosso is the biggest of the five towns and has the most amenities. Many hotels are situated in the newer part, Fegina.

In the old town you will find seafood restaurants and nice shops. We’ll have lunch along the way.

Monterosso has the only long and sandy beach in the area where you can rent chairs and umbrellas or a kajak to explore the many coves around the coast.

Monterosso has a long sandy beach situated in the new part of the village. This is the perfect place if you are looking for a traditional beach with sand and umbrellas. You can either choose to pay for an umbrella and a chair or settle in a free area with your own towel. Along the promenade you’ll find restaurants, pubs and ice-cream shops.
To reach the beach take the train that goes between the Cinque Terre villages and you’ll find the beach right in front of the train station in Monterosso.

Monterosso beach (old town)

This beach is situated in the old town of Monterosso where also the trail to Vernazza starts. It’s a sandy beach near the boats rental area and is divided into public and private zones. 



Next, on your last stop, explore the village of Riomaggiore and walk its narrow streets during your free time.

Capture breathtaking views of the Gulf of Cinque Terre, Riomaggiore is considered to be one of the most peaceful and quiet villages of the Cinque Terre. Riomaggiore’s beautiful landscape and skyline is unforgettable. Riomaggiore is basically a cascade of multi-coloured houses in the typical Ligurian style, all tightly clustered around a tiny natural harbour carved out in between the rocks.

In Riomaggiore there is a public beach of boulders with crystal water east of the village. From the railway station follow the tunnel and the sign to “marina”. Visit the lovely harbour and take the stairs to the left and it will wind around to the ferry dock. Just past there and you will reach the stony beach.

We’ll return to La Spezia and then to Viareggio, home base, with unforgetable memories of a full-day excursion with an expert tour guide that will last a lifetime. The rest of the evening is free.

Day 5

Free Day to explore more of Viareggio or follow your bliss some other way, i.e. enjoy the beach that’s only a short distance from out hotel.

Day 6 

Nice, France

We’ll travel to Nice on the French Riviera and arrive at your hotel located on the Promenade des Anglais.  Nice is a vacation hot-spot located along the French Riviera with spectacular Mediterranean beaches and mild climate. With old-world opulence, year-round sunshine, and a stunning seaside location, Nice is the unofficial capital of the Côte d’Azur, and a must-see for every visitor. The city has been a retreat for high-rollers since the 19th century and today offers fabulous markets, glorious architecture, and excellent dining options. 

The Promenade des Anglais

In 1931 following its refurbishment the city’s main seaside promenade, the Promenade des Anglais (“Walkway of the English”) was inaugurated by Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught.

Enjoy the pebbly shores and beaches. Soak in the Mediterranean views. Or walk along the Promenade des Anglais, where our hotel is located.  This boulevard fronting the bay is lined with grand cafes and hotels. Nice offers a large concentration of restaurants to choose from.  The city is known for dishes made with olives and seafood, like salade niçoise.  

It is easy to understand why Impressionist painters were drawn to Nice. With its sunny weather and stunning seaside scenery, this picturesque city resembles a pastel painting. The city has a distinctive Italian character that’s especially visible in the Old Town.

Vieille Ville (Old Town)

We’ll walk the Cobblestone Street of Vieille Ville, Nice’s Old Town, or Vieux Nice. We’ll visit it’s picturesque maze of narrow alleyways and cobblestone streets, has a lively ambience reminiscent of Italy. We’ll meander through its maze of narrow lanes and architectural gems, such as the Cathédral Sainte-RéparateOpera House, and Palais du Justice and an awe-inspiring bell tower. We’ll visit the city’s daily market called Cours Saleya featuring a vast array of products from handcrafted carvings to fresh flowers and quality fruit and vegetables. 


Saleya Course – Market

The southern end of the Old Town borders the Ponchettes market stalls at the Cours Saleya, where fishmongers and grocers sell fresh products. For tourists, among the most memorable things to do in Nice is visit the famous Marché aux Fleurs, a traditional Provençal flower market with outdoor stalls featuring colorful striped awnings (open every day except Mondays). Cours Saleya used to belonged to the upper classes. It is probably the most traditional square of the town, with its daily flower market.  We’ll have lunch here.

After lunch, going north, Cours Saleya also opens on the Palais des Rois Sardes (Palace of the Kings of Sardinia). In the present, the court is mostly a place of entertainment.  It is a splendid Neoclassical building abd was the former palace of the Kings of Sardinia and also known as the Palais de la Préfecture on Rue Alexandre Mari.

Exploring the Old Town further we’ll see a noteworthy 17th-century Baroque church, the Cathédrale Sainte-Reparate has an exquisitely decorative interior, featuring Corinthian columns with gilded detailing and many little cherub figurines in friezes surrounding grand pieces of artwork.

Just a few steps away is the Eglise Saint-Jacques, prized for its delicate frescoes and impressive sculpture collection. Continuing along the way is the  Opera House, and Palais du Justice and an awe-inspiring bell tower. 

Farther north is the Palais Lascaris (15 Rue Droite), a sumptuous Baroque palace (listed as a Historic Monument) that was originally the home of the Lascaris-Vintimille family, the Counts of Castellar. The rooms on view feature furnishings from the 17th and 18th centuries, Flemish tapestries, rich stucco work, and ceiling paintings of the Italian school.

We’ll have free time to explore more of Nice at our leisure. And finish the day with a sunset drink at the port while watch boats bobbing in the harbor.

Day 7

Cannes, Eze & Monaco

This morning, after breakfast, we’ll travel to Cannes, Eze and Monaco (4 hours). 

The first stop is Cannes and then Eze, a medieval village with crafts shops and breathtaking views from its perched setting. We’ll take a  tour of the perfumery Fragonard, for a real taste of Provence. 

Parfumerie Fragonard, Èze

The tour of the perfume factory includes a visit to the cosmetics laboratory where the brand’s creams and other skin care products are made.

The stills used for steam distillation are displayed in this room. This is a very old process for extracting essential oils. In use since antiquity, this technique was perfected by the Arab world as early as the 8th century and remains a major technique in traditional perfume making to this day.

Hot enfleurage or maceration consists in infusing the flowers in previously heated fats. This technique, known since ancient times, has been enhanced over the centuries. Enfleurage has today been replaced by modern techniques such as volatile solvent extraction or supercritical carbon dioxide extraction.


Next stop is Monaco and Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo Casino

Monaco’s tourism and beaches, as well as, Monte Carlo’s casino attracks many foreigners each year.  We’ll have free time to browse the luxurious shops of Monte-Carlo or stroll through beautiful gardens, or simply watch the rich and beautiful with their megayachts in their favorite haunt.

Monaco is the second-smallest country by area in the world; only Vatican City is smaller. Monaco is the most densely populated country in the world. The state consists of only one municipality (commune), the Municipality of Monaco. There is no geographical distinction between the State and City of Monaco, although responsibilities of the government (state-level) and of the municipality (city-level) are different. 

We’ll return to Nice for dinner together to celebrate the successful completion of our tour.

Day 8

We’ll journey to Nice International Airport for our flights home.



*Header Photo is a Tuscany Riviera Beach in Viareggio, Italy